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Introduction to The IFL Presentation

Brief walk through of the IFL Presentation and the features within it. Learn how to create profiles, customize the calculators, and navigate within the presentation.
    Length:  11.5 minutes

Copy & Paste Data from an Illustration

Learn how to customize the presentation by copying and pasting from an illustration.

Length: 7 minutes

Calculators Part 1: S&P 500 Comparison Calculator

Learn how to use the customizable S&P 500 Comparison Calculator effectively.
Length: 6 minutes

Calculators Part 2: Account Value Calculator

This video provides a basic understanding of the Account Value Calculator
Length: 2 minutes

Calculators Part 3: Retirement Income Calculator

Learn how to customize and use the Retirement Income Calculator.
Length: 7 minutes

Calculators Part 4: View Taxes

This training video reviews the set up and use of the View Taxes Calculator.

Length: 5 minutes

Calculators Part 5: View Fees

Learn how to utilize the View Fees Calculator.

Length: 6.5 minutes

Finishing Custom Profiles and Checking Inputs

This video will show you how to complete client profiles and check your work.

Length: 9 minutes

Learning How to Present

You’ve created your profile and checked your work.
Now it’s time to present to your client!

Length: 32 minutes

Generating Interest and Capturing Leads

You’re ready for prime time!
Market your site and start generating leads.

Length: 2 minutes

Marketing Tools

IFL Marketing Guide IFL Facebook Setup IFL Free Custom PDF Flyer Order Form and Samples
Business Card Sample IFL Free Webpage Banner Ads Illustration & Presentation Training
IFL Business Card Order Form WinFlexWeb Illustration Program

Additional Resources

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